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When it comes to medical billing and management, Northeast Billing Solutions is the name to trust. Our company caters to physicians all over the United States. Services include:

  • Charge Entry
  • Electronic Claim Submission
  • Workman’s Compensation Billing
  • Payment Posting
  • Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) Coding and Diagnosis Review
  • Accounts Receivable Claims Follow-Ups
  • Denial Management Appeals
  • Ensuring Claims Paid at Contracted Rates
  • Guarantor Collections
  • Monthly Patient Statements

Additional Services Available:

Consulting Services                                                                                        Bookkeeping Services

Hospital Credentialing Services                                                             Payroll Services

Insurance Credentialing Services                                                         Risk Management Services

Physician Credentialing Services

  • Maintaining and updating the Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare (CAQH)
  • Tracking expiring applications and licensing ensuring credentials are kept update
  • Tracking the application throughout the entire provider credentialing enrollment process.   

Since the application process takes 45 days to six months, every effort should be done so that submissions do not have errors or incorrect information. With our help, you can have peace of mind knowing that applications run smoothly.

Our physician credentialing services make the credentialing phase more efficient, minimize costs, and free up administrative time. We simplify the entire process, remove redundancy, and deliver comprehensive results on time. Most of all, we make sure that no important detail is overlooked.

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