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At Northeast Billing Solutions, we aim to make medical billing processes and practice management seamless for you. Learn more about our services and policies by reading the frequently asked questions below.

If you have further inquiries, please email us at

What is the pricing of Northeast Billing Solutions?

Pricing is based on a percentage of total collections. Hourly rates and fixed prices are also available based on services and requirements of your practice.

What software system does Northeast Billing Solutions work with?

We can work with your system if it's current with the new technology and standards. We are also familiar with many cloud-based companies like Kareo and Practice Fusion.

Why should I use Northeast Billing Solutions?

Retaining a full or part-time biller is less cost-effective than outsourcing to Northeast Billing Solutions. We charge low percentage fees of money collected and we go after everything from denials to patient collections.

Calculate the true cost of in-house billing, which covers salary and benefits, payroll taxes, office supplies, and claims that have yet to be collected. Also, consider the soft cost of improper filing, patient collections, and your time. Compare it to Northeast Billing Solutions and you will find our services are a higher value for your money.

Are my patients’ billing data secured?

Yes, all billing data is backed up daily on the cloud-based software.

What is your collection rate?

We collect 100% of what our clients are legally and ethically entitled to. We will collect 100% of the allowed amounts stipulated in contracts with the insurance carriers. All unpaid claims are followed up monthly, and when necessary, the appropriate appeals are filed. We will not stop until our clients are paid what they have rightfully earned.

How knowledgeable are the billers at Northeast Billing Solutions?

Statistics have shown that 65% of in-house billers fail to review the explanation of benefits and 60% have never appealed a denied claim. This means you may be delivering about 20% of your services free of charge because the in-house billing team failed to recover superior payment performance.

At Northeast Billing Solutions, our experienced certified coders and billers are true experts who will make sure you gather every penny for your practice smart work, denial management, pre-auditing of claims, and effective appealing for disputes.

Do you replace our staff members who are currently tasked on billing?

Our services allow your staff to focus on the daily assignments and give them more time for individualized patient awareness. You can direct your staff to serve other vital roles. You can also reduce staff and lower overhead costs.

What investment is necessary to implement your services?

There is absolutely no cost to your practice.

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